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Keeping The Kids From Slipping: A Guide To Buying Waterproof Shoes

Monsoon is in full wing, and while the kids have fun playing in the rain, we want to make sure they stay safe and dry. Waterproof shoes are an essential for children in the rainy season, and even when walking around in any terrain, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A good pair of waterproof shoes not only keep wetness away, but also help avoid blister formations, and are comfortable and breathable. If you’re confused about what kind to buy, or what to look out for, here are some things to keep in mind!

1. Grip: An good quality waterproof shoe will have deep grooves with a good grip to stay firm in mud, slush and dirt.

2. Flexibility: As you walk on different kinds of terrain, a flexible sole is important, especially in every waterproof shoe for men and women.

3. Ankle Support: Your ankles iare prone to twisting when walking on a wet surface. Look for a shoe that has good ankle support.

4. Water Resistance Capacity If your shoes are not water-resistant, you might develop shoe bites or calluses because of wet feet. It is uncomfortable to walk distances in wet socks and flooded shoes during monsoons, and can lead to illness and infection. Make sure your shoes are made of breathable but water resistant material to stay safe

You can decide whether walking shoes, boots, flip flops, sandals, or clogs are the right choice. Look for terms like

  • non-slip rubber outsole

  • synthetic mesh upper lining,

  • comfortable cushioning,

  • ideal grip

  • air circulation

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